Why is teamwork so hard? How to develop better team working

Having worked out what is and isn't a team last month, this month I'm looking at why so many teams fail to work well together and what you can do to develop better team working. The insecure leader One of ...

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Part 3: Caution emotion at work – How to handle someone else’s anger at work

This is the third in a series on emotion at work. Having looked last time at how to handle your own anger at work, this month I'm focusing on dealing with someone else's anger. Angry people can be intimidating, so ...

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Five strategies for avoiding conflict and why you should ditch them all

What do you think of when you hear the word 'conflict'? I think for a lot of us, conflict conjures up a particularly bad Eastenders' Christmas - raised voices, harsh words, fists flying, someone trying to calm things down by ...

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