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Support for Investors and Advisers.

It’s not just individual businesses who benefit from working with a business psychologist. Here are ways I support investors and advisers.

Support for investors.

Assessing leadership capability.

Whether you’re investing in a business or acquiring it, one of the key things you’re investing in the leadership team. They’re the ones who are going to deliver on your investment (or not) so it’s worth finding out whether they’re up to the job and what the risks are. In the mid-2000s I was heavily involved in management due diligence for private equity houses and am very experienced at assessing leadership capability.

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Developing leadership capability.

When you invest in a business you may have a leadership team with great potential but little experience, particularly in a scaling business. My work at Innovate UK has given me a good understanding of the leadership challenges of scale-ups. I’m experienced at tailoring support, either one-to-one or team, to suit the needs of a particular business.

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Support for Advisers.

Support for Trusted Advisers

If you’re an accountant, lawyer or business consultant, who’s worked hard to reach trusted adviser status with your clients, you probably get involved in all kinds of issues beyond your technical specialism. You might look at succession planning, family dynamics or bringing new directors into the business. You might just be a listening ear. You want to be able to help. And then there comes a point where you’re out of your depth. Having a business psychologist in your back pocket, to whom you can safely refer people, means you’re providing extra support to your clients.

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Support for turnaround professionals.

Turnaround is always about leadership. Prior to Covid I would have said that turnaround situations had involved a failure of leadership. These days, many excellent firms are just unlucky. But whatever the cause, it takes good leadership to put a business back on track. And it’s always emotionally charged. I believe there is a vital role for business psychologists to play in turnaround and I’m proud to be the first psychologist to become an associate a member of the Institute for Turnaround. I have advised turnaround firms on issues related to leadership and client engagement and designed to CPD sessions for IFT members.

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Preparing a business for sale.

If you’re a business adviser working with a business to prepare for sale, you know that the leadership team is going to be one of the key aspects under scrutiny. Leadership support in the run up to the sale could ensure that the team is as professional as they can be.

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Becoming an Employee Owned Trust.

Turning your business into an EOT is an increasingly popular option for business owners and is about much more than the transfer of shares. The transfer of control and responsibility takes care and preparation. I’ve worked with Chris Budd of the Eternal Business, something of a guru in this area, to develop leadership guidelines for this process.

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Caroline brings insightful experience to the work with family business clients .

John Tucker, Family Business Consultant and Director, International Centre for Families in Business

Caroline was my right hand woman at Cardinal for 5 years. She is insightful and analytical and understands what makes people successful in business.”

Katy Lindsay, former MD, Cardinal Management Services (MDD consultancy)

As a firm we’ve used Caroline’s services for years, so we’re aware of and confident of the quality of her work. I don’t hesitate to refer her to my clients when they have a need for some leadership assessment, they are looking at acquisitions and want to assess the people and cultural fit, or there’s a tricky leadership issue to sort out.  Caroline is pragmatic and brings her expertise and experience to any situation in an understandable and useable way with thorough assessments and suitable recommendations.”

Andy Killick, Corporate Finance Partner, PKF-Francis Clark

Caroline provides tremendous insight into the psychology of business transformation and turnaround. I have found her leadership analysis based on the framework of the Primary Colours Model particularly helpful whenever I am introduced to lead a management team through a transformation challenge.

Ian Parker, Independent Interim Director and Turnaround Specialist

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