And so this is Christmas – and what have you done?

Another year over, a new one just begun. I've been living with this song for weeks as the choir I sing with rehearses for Christmas. I don't know about you but the line 'another year over' tends to leave me ...

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Delegation: The art of self-management?

Last month, I discussed the dimensions of delegation, which prompted one reader to tell me that, for him, the hardest part of delegating is managing his own responses - dealing with frustration and reining in his inner control freak, for ...

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Part 4: Caution emotion at work – How to handle personal and colleague envy

This is the final article in my series on emotion at work and this time I'm tackling the one that rarely gets talked about - envy, and its frequent companion, resentment. Whereas feeling anxious or angry is seen as fairly ...

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