The great taboos. The legal and psychological ramifications of discussing politics and religion at work

“Never discuss religion or politics”. This sage advice has been around for at least a century. But in these days of Brexit and Trump, politics seems harder and harder to avoid and religion has got wrapped up in it in ...

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Psychology snippets – Four things you’ll be discussing at the water cooler

It’s August. You’re probably on holiday or wishing you were. In the press, this is the season where traditionally the quirkier stories get an airing, so I thought I’d do the same here. These are the four most interesting bits ...

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The age of female leadership? – Why female leaders are perceived differently

Well isn't this interesting - women are taking over the world. We have a female Prime Minister, the most powerful politician in Europe is a woman and I can't be the only one fervently hoping that the next US president ...

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