VUCA: What can the American military teach us about business?

Don’t worry, this isn’t another one of those articles suggesting that you need the camaraderie and grit of the marines as you lead your team through another gruelling week servicing the nation’s photocopiers or whatever it is you do for ...

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Need a NED? How to avoid the pitfalls when engaging a Non-Executive Director

A good non-exec director can do wonders for an SME, bringing experience and a different perspective, acting as a sounding board and challenging the exec team to ensure they focus on the right stuff: the important not the urgent, the long-term ...

By |2020-09-08T16:34:54+00:00June 30th, 2015|Business Advisers, Leadership, Organisations|1 Comment

Unravelling the mysteries of in-depth psychological profiling

As a business psychologist, one of my main activities is in-depth psychological profiling of people. It’s not the only thing I do but it’s certainly a big part of my job. What I’ve realised when I talk to people, however, ...

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